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Crank &Grind Indoor Cycling Studio

The Home of Indoor Cycling in Geelong!

Crank & Grind are proud to be Australia’s First Stages Flight Studio!

 Coupled with Stages ground-breaking bike technology, we can help your cycling really take off!

Stages Flight delivers immediate feedback, measurable results, and long term performance improvements; that’s why the pro’s use it!


See how Crank and Grind can take your training to the next level today! 




Latest News

Super Saturday’s are back!


Starting Back this Saturday 20th May is our "Famous Super Saturday"

8:00am- 9:00am  Performance Session

9:15am Cyclo-Cx 30min Performance Cyc

Updated Timetable!

Please note the changes to morning classes; all start at 6am and no 9.30am class!

C_G Timetable_V2<

5 Facts you may not have known about C&G

5 Facts you may not have known about C&G