Crank & Grind Indoor Cycling and Functional Training Studio has one aim in mind and that is to improve its customers health and fitness whether that is performance, or starting your fitness journey. We know that everyone out there, whether you are starting out being a complete beginner, or a seasoned road racer, MTBer , sportive rider or Ironman competitor can improve, often dramatically, on their current level. We are here to help every rider improve on the bike and every fitness focused customer improve their fitness and wellbeing.

We’re changing the way Geelong ride indoors.

Our classes are challenging and intense but attainable; we have specific classes for beginners through to advance. Our studio is the only indoor studio in the city to feature tiered Arena Cycling style setup with individual space.

What does this mean for you? Instead of staring at another rider’s back or worse rubbing shoulders and elbows you are locking eyes with the instructor and your real time data in front of you, giving you that connection and encouragement while you climb to the top of the hill or push to the end of the last sprint without worrying about knocking the person next to you.

It doesn’t matter if you are front and centre, middle of the studio, or in the back corner. With our Arena Cycling, you are going to get the same quality workout from any bike in the studio.

Don’t compromise you’re indoor cycling workout, experience the difference because after 30 years of being either a racer, rider, instructor i’m so excited to be able to bring a cycling/health & fitness dream to life also excited to be working with some great people and companies to bring to Geelong a indoor cycling experience that is unique !

Secondly we offer functional training to support and assist your goals on the bike or just to add that whole body workout into your routine!!

Experience the difference !