Good Health is Good Business!

Crank and Grind Indoor Cycling Studio offers exclusive benefits to employees of the same organisation.

We all know that regular exercise is good for your body, but did you know it also increases productivity in the workplace and reduces sick days? It really is a no brainer that business and wellness should combine, and it’s an awesome team building opportunity!

At Crank and Grind, we want to bring your team together to get fitter and stronger, but also to have a great time.

We are a specialised group training studio with top of the range Stages Bikes complete with power meters, the same as professional riders use. But your fitness level doesn’t matter a jot, because we cater to exactly where you’re at, and our technology simply means you can monitor your progress -not to mention enjoy some healthy competition!

Our Stages Flight software helps create a truly personal experience. You can watch your activity on the screen while you enjoy a virtual ride around Geelong, or maybe do a stage in Le Tour complete with sprint finish, whatever you like, we can create! And you can check your progress afterwards with the Stages Flight App to stay motivated as you watch yourself improve!

We also offer functional fitness and yoga (coming soon). We can create specific classes for your team or you can join in any of our regular sessions.

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Build Your Team- and Your Fitness

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