Top 5 Tips for Training in the Silly Season

It can be hard to find the right balance at this time of year. invitations abound but we’re also amping up training to prepare for Summer goals. It can be quite a juggle!

Here are our top tips for navigating the silliness but also having a great time!

  • Set a Realistic Training Schedule

Yes that’s right, a schedule! If you don’t already have a program you can easily set one up on line these days. Having it written down makes it 90% more likely to happen – it’s all too easy make excuses. On the flipside, if you’re going to be busy, or having a few late nights, adjust it accordingly – there’s no point frying yourself just to tick off a box. The key is to be organised and throw in shorter workouts (like a 6am Crank class!) on busier days.

  • Sleep!

If you know you’re going to have a late night or two, make the most of the sleep you can get leading into it, get those devices off, put down that book and get the light out by 9.30. Your body will thank you!

  • Eat Well

It’s very easy to fall off the wagon and come on, it’s ok to throw back a few Chrissy mince pies and some chokkies, but do it too often and you’ll start feeling the effects- especially on your training! Make an extra effort to up your fruit and veg if you’re indulging. Most parties have a good mix of food, so start with the fresh and healthy and then add the extras! As a general rule, 80% of the time, eat good healthy wholefoods and 20% can be little ‘relaxed’.

  • Drink Well

Nothing wrong with a tipple, but consider how much you normally drink and whether that number blows out especially when you have a few events in the same week. Think of it like racing; prioritise which event you want to perform the best at and plan the others around it! Maybe offer to be a driver for one and then enjoy a taxi service to the next. All that said, not drinking is so hot right now!

  • Don’t get sick!

It might be warmer but there are a surprising number of viruses about during the silly season. Lack of sleep and poor nutrition are key culprits! Include some extra vitamin C and B vitamins to help your body handle the stress it might be under. Don’t train with a hangover either! If you really did over-do it, rest up, hydrate (yes, those electrolyte drinks have a dual purpose!) and head out for a walk with your shades on. Tomorrow is another day!


PS If you want some advice on setting up a program, ask the team at Crank and Grind